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“DPS Hawal”


Hawal-Kuchapora, Distt. Pulwama –KASHMIR (J&K)

 Mahaganesh             Beeda-bal               Mata Beed




  H.No.142-D, Lane No.2, Sec.No.1, Durga Nagar

P/o Roop Nagar, Jammu—180013

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e-mail:  dpshawal@gmai

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DEVASTHAN PRABANDHAK SAMITI is a socio-religious charitable organization, constituted by the hereditary residents of village Hawal and Kuchapora of Distt.Pulwama( Kashmir), who have come together with the aim to safeguard the Devasthans and to work for the less privileged sections of the community. Hence forth, the organization is named as”DPS Hawal” and is a registered organization having its Head office at Hawal (Pulwama) and presently in Jammu with the following address, which for the time being will be its temporary head office.                                                                                                                         

                                                                        H.No.142-D, Lane-2, Sec.1

                                                                       Durga Nagar, P/O Roop Nagar

                                                                       Jammu (J&K). 180013

 DPS Hawal is a social, religious, apolitical, non-profit and non-govt; organization established for the religious, social and moral uplift of general masses and for the betterment, safety and upkeep of the Devasthans at Hawal, namely, Shree Mahaganesh Mandir, Shree Shiv Jee Mandir, Mata Beeda Bhagwati Mandir(Beeda-bal), Shree Bairov Nath Jee asthapan, Shumshan Ghat premises and their assets.                           

The main aims and objectives of DPS Hawal are:-

        To work for the safety, betterment and upkeep of the Devasthans and other assets.

·         To work for socio-religious functions, festivals and the like.

·         To preserve social and cultural heritage of the community.

·         To work for religious, social and moral uplift of the community.

·         To help orphans, destitute, widows or any needy person of the society (Philanthropic activity).

·         To upgrade the educational status of less privileged sections of the society.

·         To render voluntary services and assistance in times of natural calamities or otherwise.


DPS Hawal will raise financial resources from the individuals, biradari members, groups and organizations in the form of membership fee, subscription, donations in cash or kind, offerings, hire/rent charges etc. To raise funds, is essential to accomplish the laid down aims and objectives and this will be made on a regular basis. However, the organization will strive to make its activities self sustainable over a period of time.


DPS Hawal will maintain a separate entity and work independently without any influence whatsoever, from any organization. The Samiti will, however, approach the organizations having similar aims and objectives and associate with such organizations for realizing it’s laid down objectives, but, no compromise would be made on the basic aims and philosophy of the organization.


The works implanted by DPS Hawal will be monitored from the very inception on a regular basis. In each work an inbuilt monitoring system would be developed to ensure proper implementation of each work undertaken. Experts/experienced members would be involved in periodic evaluation of

Various  programmes. In order to enable the executants to satisfactorily carry out herein declare and authorize and empower the Managing Body to do all the acts, deeds and things reasonable and

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proper for the realization, maintenance, protection, benefit of the organization. Should, however, it be necessary for the executants to sell any property, such discretion shall be exercised with the greatest of reluctance and caution and only if it is absolutely for the benefit of the organization and on a resolution being passed unanimously by the General body. The money realized as income or as capital on sale of any property shall be reinvested only in government securities.

The executants appointed for the time being are authorized to exercise the power and duties here in conferred or imposed and further declare that whenever a vacancy happens in the Managing body of executants, by any reason, whatsoever, a new executive shall be appointed in his place and every such appointment shall be made in writing, then so acting at a meeting called for the purpose.


DPS Hawal shall have the jurisdiction to function primarily for the areas comprising the villages Hawal and Kuchapora(Pulwama) and have its head office at Hawal (Pulwama). Presently, in Jammu, the organization will take care of areas where the baradari members are temporarily residing here, in Jammu. Efforts would be made on a regular basis to reach out to more and more needy people.



Any person who subscribes to the objectives of DPS Hawal is invited to become its associate member provided he is a hereditary resident of village Hawal/Kuchapora (Pulwama), the area within the jurisdiction of the DPS Hawal. Every member shall have to pay such minimum annual membership fee as may be decided by the managing body from time to time.


All the members of the organization as mentioned above will constitute the General body. A selected honourable member of the General body will act as Patron of the samiti and will chair the Gen.Body meetings. It will meet as and when necessary but at least once in a year. The general body will elect   the Managing body and see that the property and finances of the organization are managed well.

Working Group

 The working group shall be constituted to have more man power for executing the samiti’s activities. Any member interested to join this working group voluntarily shall have to subscribe monthly an amount as may be decided by the Managing body from time to time. The Managing body members shall have no option, but to be the members of the working group also. This Working Group will work as a single constituent unit under the Managing body of DPS Hawal. 


The Managing body will consist of Seven elected executive members (Office bearers) viz.President, Vice-President, General secretary, Secretary, Cashier, Organizer and Publicist.   The President shall be authorized to co-opt (nominate) additional three members, if required, for a specific purpose, for a limited period not exceeding one year. The President and the members of the Managing body will work in honorary capacity.

The term of the President and of the Managing body will be of three years and till the constitution of a new body. President and the members will be eligible for re-election, re-nomination without there being any restriction.

The managing body will meet at least once in two months to deliberate on important matters of the samiti and review its progress. The managing body will be the apex committee for policy formation and decision making of the samiti. The President will chair the managing body meetings.                                                 


  The Managing body will have the following duties, powers and the functions:

       To manage and supervise the activities and incur necessary expenditure from time to time.

·        To have the annual income and expenditure statement prepared, audited and presented in   the general body meeting every year.

·        To arrange for payment of pay of the staff of the organization.

·        To buy land and any other immovable/movable property, take land and buildings on lease or as donation and to construct building/s for the organization.

·        To raise funds, mobilize resources and collect donations against proper receipts and take necessary loans and grants.

·        To constitute sub-committee as may be necessary from time to time and to decide about their functions and powers.

·        To frame by-laws and to amend or modify them.

·        The Cashier will maintain the accounts and arrange to get them audited. The cashier will put the audited accounts of the samiti before the managing body every year.

·        The bank accounts will be operated jointly by the Secretary and the Cashier.

·        TO enrol any other executive member in the managing body provided he/she/they substitutes to the objectives of the Samiti.

·        To safeguard, renovate, make new constructions and look after the Devasthans, Dharamshalla, their assets and the like.

·        To manage and make all arrangements for socio-religious functions/festivals and the like.

·        The modalities of utilization of money and expenditure will be discussed in the managing body meeting and to be decided by a majority decision. The approval of the president for the same will be final.

·       That any type of correspondence to any quarter will be on SAMITI’S stamped letter pads.

       Functions of Office Bearers:

               (A) President:

                     *The President would serve as the head of the organization.

                     *Shall be the chairperson of the Managing Body meetings.

                     *Shall explore ways and means for fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Samiti.

                     *Shall pass all vouchers for payment, sign cash book, ledger and stock registers.                                                        

               (B) Vice-president:

            *Shall assist the president in performing his/her duties.   

                     *Shall work as acting president in absence of the president.

                     *Shall perform additional duties as and when are assigned to him.  

               (C) General secretary:

                     *Shall maintain records, enter into all correspondences regarding the 

                       samiti and be In charge of  all meetings.   

                     *Shall record the minutes of all the meetings and decisions taken in handwriting.

                       The minutes shall be signed by the Gen. Secretary and countersigned by  

                       the President in the next meeting.

                     *Shall authorize expenditure up to Rs1000 and furnish an account to the

                       Cashier duly attested by the president.

                     *Shall ensure that the collected money, membership fee or any other

                       cash is deposited in the bank well in time.

                     *Shall be custodian of all records and the property as the Samiti may commit to his charge.  



                        *Shall assist Gen.secretory in all respects.

                        *Shall work as acting Gen.sec. in absence of Gen.secretary.

                        *Shall have the powers to make bank withdrawals jointly with the Cashier.    

                        *Shall assist and supervise the works of organizing sec. and Publicity secretary.   


                        *Shall maintain a daybook for receipts and expenditure pertaining to theSamiti     

                          and will be responsible for the security of the money received by him for the Samiti.

                        *Shall ensure to deposit the cash in the bank well in time.

                        *Shall be responsible for maintaining cash book ledger and make regular postings of       

                          income and expenditure and get these signed by the President. Keep watch over

                          credits and debits of the accounts of the Samiti in bank.

                        *Shall prepare a yearly financial statement/balance sheet of the Samiti.                    


                        *Shall be in charge of arranging General/ Managing Body meetings.

                        *Shall be in charge of arranging any socio-religious function/festival.                                                                                                                                           


               *Shall be in charge of publication for public spirit.

               *Shall ensure to publish, in consultation with secretary with prior approval                                

                 of the President.                                                                                                                                                               

Annual Accounts

                The report of activities carried out in the preceding financial year and the activities                    

                for the next year, along with the financial statements shall be placed, by the Gen.secretary,        

                before the Managing body for discussion and approval. The Annual Accounts duly                

                signed by the President, the secretary and the cashier, in token of approval by the                 

                Managing body, shall be forwarded to the auditors for their audit and report.                                            

               The duly audited accounts, as well as other information, shall be placed in the ensuing                            

               Annual General Body meeting for confirmation and subsequently made public.

Bank Account

                The Managing Body of the Samiti shall be authorised to open Bank Account(s) in any       

               scheduled bank, to be operated jointly, by (1)the secretary and (2)the Cashier or                        

               any other office bearer, as decided by the managing body, from time to time.                                        

               The bank withdrawals shall be made with prior approval of the president.

  Store In charge

              Shall be responsible for safe custody of stock articles purchased from the Samiti                 

               accounts or received otherwise as gifts etc. from time to time.     



·                The General Body shall appoint an Electoral officer, who will conduct

                   the elections for constituting the Managing Body, which will function for 

                    a period of three years. Regarding the results of the elections, decision of                    

                    the electoral officer shall be final.

·              The Electoral officer will conduct the elections to elect  Seven executive 

                    Members(office bearers)  viz: President, Vice-president, General secretary,                   

                    Secretary, Cashier, Organizer and Publicist.

·              The elected President of the Samiti shall be authorized to Co-opt (nominate)                                    

     three persons as executive members, if required, for a specific purpose for a                                     

     limited  period not exceeding one year.                                                                              

·              The election for the new Managing Body shall be held within a    

                    maximum period of three months after the expiry of the term.

·              Till the new Managing body is constituted, the previous body will

                    continue to function.


                    The amendment in the constitution of the Samiti can be made by the general body                       

                     by  two-third majority.


                    The powers to make and amend by-laws about the management of the Samiti will                     

                    be with the Managing body.


                    The Managing Body can be dissolved by a resolution passed by the general body by                  

                    3/5th majority of the members present and voting in the meeting     


                    The quorum of the meeting will be 2/3rd of the members. The general body can      

                     recommend  any matter of importance or of urgent nature for consideration to                       

                     the managing body with 2/3rd of the members.


  NOTE:                   The above drafted contents constitute the real and original constitution

                                 of DPS Hawal and there is no other constitution of the said organization. 

Date: 25th April; 2010----------------------------------- Jai Hind---------------------------



A General Body meeting of Devasthan Prabandhak Samiti (DPS Hawal)

was held at Roop Nagar, Jammu on 25thApril;2010. The above drafted and recorded contents have

been discussed threadbare, the samiti  reaffirms and reiterates its full faith in the said drafted contents.

In the meeting, it was unanimously resolved to adopt the said contents as the

Constitution of Devasthan Prabandhak Samiti, Hawal/Kuchapora

(Pulwama) Kashmir.It is certified that the above drafted contents constitute

the real and original constitution ofDevasthan Prabandhak Samiti,Hawal

and there is no other constitution of the SAMITI.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Date: 25th April; 2010